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data science

What is Machine Learning?

Answering the question of what is “machine learning” has been a puzzle to many, especially to those who are new in this field. Perhaps let us start by going through some examples of the machine learning examples that you might have come across having no idea they are driven by machine learning. virtual personal assistants

data science

The Word and World of Data

Introduction Data science has been a trending topic recently. Many have shown interest in the field recently. Most of you keep asking what it is and what it really entails. In this post, I am going to take you through some basic concepts of data and the meaning of data science. What is Data Have


List of Big Companies using R Programming Software.

R Programming Language The continuous popularity and growth of R Programming Language has been helping data-driven companies succeed for more than a decade. In recent years, almost every industry sees data and analytics as a strategic competitive advantage. And R is the language of choice for many data scientists and data analysts. In this post,


Why learn python

Today, I’m going to answer the top 3 many ask about Python. What is Python? What can you do with it? And why is it so popular? In other words, what does it do that other programming languages don’t? Python is the worlds fastest growing and most popular programming language. Not just amongst software engineers,

data science

Data Science on Facebook

Data Science on Facebook : Facebook has been the social media leader of the world as to date. People are spending a lot of time on social media uploading and posting their personal stories like relationships, parties, weddings, and more information about themselves. For instance, Kenya has 7 million Facebook users as per research on

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From paper data collection to mobile data collection

Do you know reasons why you should switch from paper data collection to mobile data collection? Let us learn together here. Advances in information technology have opened exciting new avenues for how research is conducted, with huge implications for monitoring and evaluation (M&E). One of these advances is the use of Mobile Data Collection (MDC).