Data Science Consultancy

Around the world, organizations are creating more data every day, yet most are struggling to benefit from it.
Within the mass of data, the world generates every day, a lot of insights are hidden away. Each may have the potential to transform entire industries, or to improve millions of lives.
Our team of experts in Data Science and Analytics will assist your organization in making data driven decision to ensure that you achieve your Key Performance Indicators as a business.

Our Approach to implementing our clients Data Science & Analytics Projects.

We always define and understand the problem the client needs to be solved.
Here understanding of the problem and the business model is highly required.

Once we are done with problem definition, data collection is the most essential step since without data no data driven decision can be made. In this step there is need to extract more insights about your problem from the data available and turn it into solution. Data Collection should be based on your problem specifications.

Our Data Analytics team takes the most of their time to investigate and do Data Quality Assessment. Our analytics team usually considers the five dimensions of Data Quality Assessment which includes; Accuracy, Completeness, Consistency, Relevancy and Validity.

Our analytics team will check out missing values, null values, blanks, Corrupted values, such as invalid entries, data reduction, Date range errors and data transformation

After doing data cleaning process our analytics team explore the data in order to perform in-depth analysis.
Exploratory data analysis is very key in this stage for it tries to show relation between various variables. Key variables are also selected at this stage.
Our analytics team will apply all possible and necessary statistical, mathematical and technological knowledge and leverage the applicable data science tools for the analysis and find every insight available in your data.

After doing data cleaning/data exploration and understanding your dataset variables, the analytics team comes up with a suitable model that will model our client’s data accurately.

This a very important stage where our data analytics team do interpret and communicate the analysis results.
Our Data analytics team explains to the client why the insights uncovered after the analysis are correct, valid and reliable.
This will then form the basis for the action to be taken or not to be taken by the organization.

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