How Does Netflix Utilize Machine Learning?

There are so many machine learning applications but let discuss the most common application of machine learning in the entertainment industry-specific to the streaming services offered. Netflix is one of the leading television networks in the world that provides streaming services to its customers. The company has done well over the years, which leaves questions like”what is the secret behind there high returns?”. The answer is machine learning, and the company has adopted machine learning which powers its algorithms to perform a variety of services. The most common algorithms are the movie recommendation algorithm that gives users a variety of movies and films depending on the watching history of the user. Being the world’s leading online streaming network, it has to ensure that the services and products are of high quality and original. The company has invested in machine learning, where algorithms have been used to optimize the originality of TV shows and films produced by the Netflix studios.

Machine learning is a powerful tool for any organization with a lot of data as it identifies the minor details in the patterns of data the organization receives. The algorithms are robust in a way that they make predictions that are effective when trained well. Netflix has invested a lot of resources in machine learning as it is a tool that has a lot of impacts on the different areas of the company. Machine learning has been used to catalog movies, films, and TV shows according to their relevance and fields. This is due to the machine learning algorithm trained on the content that the movies and shows have. Data is a potent tool, and Netflix uses its data to draw out AI-driven insights; from the decisions made, they can attract the best talent in the world, from actors to content directors. It works as a business strategy for Netflix as fit employees mean high-performance levels for the company. Netflix has built a brand for itself with the best user experience as they have utilized data and machine learning algorithms that are very powerful. 

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Edwinna Bikeri.

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