Market Survey and Research Consultancy

As organizations rush through designing customer centric products and services, Market Research is a key approach in order to gain insights into how markets work for organizations. Market Research provides you with the information you require to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine and evaluate your marketing actions; monitor your marketing performance; and improve your marketing objectives including customer experience and sales.

How we Conduct Market Research: The Process

This is usually the first step and could be either a problem that the organization faces or a potential benefit that the organization could enjoy from taking an intended action.

By this we develop the framework on how the marketing research will be conducted.

Here we select the sampling plan and choose the data collection method. We ensure the samples are well chosen to make the findings accurate.

We then collect the set of facts that we use as a basis for analysis, reasoning and discussions. We ensure that the data is well collected because it provides the basis for good market research findings.

We analyze data using our technical skills. Our team is well trained on data analysis and we got the requisite softwares to produce accurate results for decision making.

We interpret and discuss the research findings with you. We ensure you are provided with detailed answers and actionable suggestions based on the findings and analysis techniques. We ensure these findings and recommendations are clearly communicated to you to help in decision making and implementation.

Implementing market research findings sometimes requires further research because suggestions or recommendations may need revision or market conditions may have changed. From a market research firm’s perspective, we follow up on previously conducted research to identify new insights and ideas of conducting further research.

Our Promise

At AfricDSA we assist you conduct this market research for you saving you the hustle and costs of hiring research personnel. We have made our services to be affordable despite the high level of output we give. Our diverse and experienced team work hard to ensure quality work is delivered within the agreed timelines.

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