Mobile Data Collection Services

Advances in technology have opened exciting new avenues for how research is conducted, with huge implications for monitoring and evaluation. One of these advances is the use of Mobile Data Collection.

We assist Corporates, SMEs, Government Agencies, NGOs, and Individuals doing research to use Mobile Data Collection methods for which data can be exported directly into a centralized database for processing and analysis.

Through mobile data collection, we assist our clients to achieve the following as an organization/individual(s) in research.

Ensure Data Quality-Application of some functionalities such as skips and consistency checks ensures that we collect the right data. This ensures that the data collected is validated at the point of conducting an interview, therefore reducing errors.

Safer Data Storage & Backup-Paper can easily be destroyed which can cause issues if data needs to be re-accessed in the future. Digital mobile data can easily be stored and backed up in cloud storage for which the servers can be freely accessed on some platforms.

Increase Speed and Efficiency-Data can be accessed in real-time in the main server. The turnaround time required for analysis and evaluation of data is greatly reduced. This is helping in providing better responsiveness to issues emerging on the field.

Cost Reduction-A lot of costs are currently incurred in paper data collection. Such costs are printing of questionnaires, data entry among many others. Elimination of such redundancy by using mobile data collection has a ripple effect in cost reduction in the entire process.

Addressing climate change-Economies globally are rushing against time in saving the globe as a result of significant climate change that has been experienced recently. To achieve a positive result, collective responsibility is key. Trees have been used in the printing of paper. As an organization sticks to paper questionnaires in data collection, it means many forests will be destroyed resulting in a negative climatic change. Organizations adopting mobile data collection methods therefore will contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) number thirteen on climate change.

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