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The Word and World of Data


Data science has been a trending topic recently. Many have shown interest in the field recently. Most of you keep asking what it is and what it really entails. In this post, I am going to take you through some basic concepts of data and the meaning of data science.

What is Data

Have you ever wondered how Netflix recommends movies for you to watch? How does Amazon recommend items for you to buy? Your everyday activities on the internet are contributing to the huge dataset database available on the internet.

Data is plain facts. When data is organized and processed so as to make it understandable, we call it information. In the past, the amount of data that was available was limited and structured. Today, the internet has seen a massive growth contributing to a variety of structured and unstructured data.

Unstructured Data

Imagine you are the manager of a given company. You have a lot of data about all the workers in your company. But, the data you have is not sorted in any way. This is what we call unstructured data. 80% of all data generated today is unstructured.

In summary, unstructured data is data that is not organized and is not easily understandable by machines.

Structured Data

As the manager, you now call your secretary and assign her a task to create a single file per employee. That file should contain only that particular employee’s data. We consider this as structured data. In summary, structured Data is data that is highly organized and easily understood by machine language.

Data science

In the fast growing internet world, data is being produced constantly, every minute, every second and at a high rate.

Data science is a mixture of machine algorithms, statistics, business intelligence, and programming. We use all this to help businesses and organizations in discovering hidden patterns from the data produced on the internet.

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  1. An interesting article on data science.It is a disruption that has seen businesses change the way they do things.Making decisions based on data.

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